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What are Indoor Tanning Lotions...

Exposing to Sun makes the skin tanned and becomes a hazard. Skin baking can be harmful by remaining exposed to Sun or lying under UV lamp beds and could be extremely dangerous source of Melanoma or skin cancer. Such deadly exposures should be avoided as far as possible for the skin care.

Due to above-mentioned hazard, some safe tanning alternatives like sunless tanning or indoor tanning are gaining popularity. As a solution, many stores have come out with good indoor tanning lotions, which are proving as an alternative to risky outdoor tanning.

In many of the earlier products, a type of dye was being used for staining the skin, and this used to result in unnatural orange skin and was not appreciated by users. Many cheap tanning lotions are still using the dye and due to which they don't get advised as good quality products.

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