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The Mountain Cur Dog

The Mountain Cur dog is from the Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee mountains. You can now find the Mountain Cur in many areas. The Mountain cur dog is strong and dependable. They were used by the early pioneers to hunt boar, guard property and herd cattle. It is believed the Mountain Cur originated from the European Cur dogs brought by the settlers.

The Mountain Cur dog is medium sized. They have a short, rough coat that is usually brindle, black, brindle and black and yellow. They will weigh 45 to 95 pounds and be 16 to 25 inches tall.

The Mountain Cur dog is dependable and very obedient. They are the happiest when they are outdoors. They are very friendly dogs but fearless at the same time. They are very protective of their family and home. They are leery of strangers. The Mountain Cur dog needs to be socialized and trained when they are young.

They are not good apartment dogs. They can be indoor dogs, but they will need to be walked every day on a leash. They prefer to be outside.


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MakeMoneyOnline wrote on December 23, 2014, 12:44 PM

These dogs are very nice. They're not very common in my country but you can see them from time to time. They tend to be very friendly and my first association is their wiggling of the tail.

keishafaye100 wrote on December 23, 2014, 3:05 PM

This dog was used for hunting? That is incredible! they sort of resemble the German shepherd. they are incredible pets! and extremely loyal and obedient to their owners.