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I Am Back With A Good Morning Post

Friends, its been days that I have posted a good morning post in any website. I know it is not a very good quality post, but still, sometimes I feel like wishing my friends good morning.

Today is such a morning. I woke up early, had a great night sleep and started to workout on my legs. Generally, I hate the leg days, but this day was completely different. I loved to work my leg muscles. I did not felt any fatigue, only thing that I felt was my muscles being worked out. I did a leg workout and a back workout today. I have to mention that I do all these at my home with only two dumbbells. I don't like paying for the gym or running out of my home in the morning.

The only thing that I realized this morning is that a good night sleep helps you to lift your mood and makes you so much more active than any other days. I just hope that I can continue my exercise routine and be fit in mind and body.

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scheng1 wrote on December 20, 2014, 5:04 AM

I wish that all of our nights are like this. It sure is great to wake up after a deep sleep.