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Thinking in blocks of 400 words at the moment

I think it is now fair to say that I am Over. .

So over Tsu, in fact, that I will be thinking in blocks of 400 for the next four days.

The thing is, that after two weeks off from writing articles to order, except for my main client, I now find myself with a busy order book for the next few days. (Maybe Tsu was meant as a distraction to fill that time?) It's a good thing perhaps that my Ops Manager was getting niggly with me about taking some time off to use my TOIL from the last deadline. So I can concentrate on:

  1. writing
  2. eBay
  3. Christmas preparations

for the next four days. There are a couple of parties thrown into that mix as well, but nothing that will harsh my mojo or cause me to spend way too much money.

Tonight therefore, I will be at least one article of 400 words and prepping another two. Over the course of the next four days I have another 10 to get my head around.

Today I spent three and a half hours in #meetings, being talked at by senior staff, so I am quite pleased now to be able to leave that behind for a few days and concentrate on other things.

By the end of the weekend, it is quite possible that my laptop will have burnt out, I will be minus a few layers of skin on my fingers and I will be heartily sick of sitting down writing. However, it is also my intention that the Christmas tree will be up, the cards will be written, the presents wrapped, the dishes washed and put away and the kitchen and conservatory tidied and ready for Christmas visitors.

If I'm a bit quiet around here for the next few days, you know why.

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AngelSharum wrote on December 11, 2014, 3:55 PM

Good luck getting everything done.

WordChazer wrote on December 11, 2014, 4:06 PM

Imma gonna need it, AngelSharum , thank you...

LoudMan wrote on December 11, 2014, 4:54 PM

Good luck on your challenges ahead. As for Tsu, I'd like it to be profitable.

WordChazer wrote on December 11, 2014, 5:02 PM

Enjoy Tsu. I find my order book to be more to my liking. Instant gratification in word form, you see.

LoudMan wrote on December 11, 2014, 6:51 PM

"order book?"

scheng1 wrote on December 11, 2014, 9:33 PM

If you copy down all the nonsense spoken at the meetings, you would have 40,000 words.

Dawnwriter wrote on December 11, 2014, 11:14 PM

I am not sure what you mean by a busy order book but best of luck in getting everything done. If you are a bit quiet around here we know why and we understand :) :)

luisga814 wrote on December 12, 2014, 1:51 AM

Goodluck and hoping for your articles to write on. Actually as of this moment, I am didn't write any articles here in PersonaPaper nor a poll. Instead, I am just commenting from your articles and polls. Good afternoon.

celticeagle wrote on December 12, 2014, 3:22 AM

Accomplishing things gives us a good feeling. Hope you get it all done.

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 5:33 AM

Articles to order on topics chosen by others. Written to deadline and a minimum of 400 words. My order book.

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 5:35 AM

Audits tend to make people waffle. I had two meetings on the subject back-to-back yesterday. Now I'm ready to concentrate on writing what is in my head, not what I'm hearing from the front of the room.

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 5:38 AM

A hugs list of articles to write before Mondday evening, Dawnwriter . It's a total of around 8,000 words. 400 have been written already. Just about to start the next set in a few minutes. And had another order land overnight as well.

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 5:39 AM

Thanks! I'm going to have to, deadlines are not to be messed with as too many missed deadlines means less work in the future.

fufurinha wrote on December 12, 2014, 7:27 AM

Good luck with that. All i can concentrate on right now is on getting my work done on time lol

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 8:08 AM

I have to do that too, every article has a deadline. Most of them 4 days from now...

LoudMan wrote on December 12, 2014, 10:24 AM

Ah. I see. If I'd have thunked it out, I'd have understood.

WordChazer wrote on December 12, 2014, 10:42 AM

It's not quite website content creation because it includes reviews, corporate blogs and biographical pieces. I'm working on a piece about Leonardo da Vinci at the moment. This morning I submitted an article about a company specialising in exhibition trade stands. Later in the weekend I have to provide an article about a charity and another about an innovative app allowing users to select a unique gift using drag and drop methods. It all stops me from getting bored!

celticeagle wrote on December 12, 2014, 9:07 PM

Organizing time and efforts is of help when you have deadlines. I hope you are able to get it all worked out.

Ruby3881 wrote on December 18, 2014, 10:41 PM

Sounds like you're ramping up so you can take off time at Christmas! I did that a bit last week :)

WordChazer wrote on December 19, 2014, 3:38 PM's going to be interesting to see how things progress from here.