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A few Gift Ideas for the DIY Person on Your Gifting List

Figuring out what to buy that DIY person on your Christmas shopping list can be difficult, especially if you aren’t a DIY person yourself, what does he or she already have, what do they need, what would they like that I can afford to buy them for Christmas? I make it easy on my friends to buy me gifts by keeping wish lists on Amazon and other similar web sites, but in case your DIY person doesn’t here are a few tools that every home handyperson would love to find under the tree or in their Christmas stocking.

A Noncontact Voltage Tester

A noncontact voltage tester allows the user to test for the presence of voltage without having to make contact with live, current carrying wires or other electrical components. Even professional electricians use these inexpensive devices to make sure a circuit is actually safe to work on. They use them to verify what their expensive meters are telling them because meters require a completed circuit to work; a noncontact voltage tester will work even if the circuit is broken. These are great stocking stuffer and they can be had at most home centers and big box stores for less than $25.

A Circuit Breaker Finder

These two-piece test sets make it easy for the handyperson working alone to find and turn off the right circuit breaker for the circuit he or she will be working on. There was a time when we had to plug a radio into the circuit we wanted to turn off and crank up the volume so we could hear all the way back to where the breaker or fuse panel was located. Then we had to turn off one breaker at a time or remove one fuse at a time until we found the right one, a digital circuit breaker finder eliminates the need for a radio and for the trial and error methods. Simply plug the transmitter into any receptacle on the circuit you will be working on and then run the receiver up and down the circuit breaker panel until it beeps and that’s the breaker you need to turn off. Circuit breaker finders are another good stocking stuffer and good ones can be had for between $25 and $40.

A Clamp-On Digital Multimeter

This is another must have tester for any home handy person, a tool that allows the user to measure voltage, current, and resistance. The nifty thing about a clamp-on digital multimeter is that the user can measure the current flowing in a circuit by simply clamping the jaws around one of the current carrying wires in the circuit. Professional grade clamp-on meters can be quite expensive, but a good DIY clamp-on can be had for less than $50 from most home centers or even from stores like Radio Shack.

I promise you that any DIY person on your shopping list will love any or all of these gifts and they are gifts that they will use all the time.

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scheng1 wrote on December 11, 2014, 7:42 AM

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