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I love wrestling

As a Scottish female in her late 20's I am probably not most people's idea of a typical fan, but I love it. I have been a huge fan all my life really, I was obsessed with Hulk Hogan when I was little and used to watch all the movies and TV shows he was in, well the ones that aired over here anyway. I then began to hate Hogan after his infamous interview where he explained how wrestling really worked, him being friends with all those guys he appeared to hate on TV ruined the magic for me for a while and I stopped watching.

I soon realised that I couldn't hate wrestling for ever and started watching WWF again, although to this day I am not sure I have forgiven Hogan entirely for putting me off all those years ago. I became a huge fan of Shawn Michales, then The Rock and Steve Austin and wrestling was great for a while.

The attitude era was the best, any newer fan should go back and watch some of that stuff, it's way better than anything they have done in the last several years. Then of course there was the 'invasion' of WCW and ECW which although most fans hated, I liked the idea. It was the way the invasion angle ended that I didn't like, I thought they could have done much better with it.

Then there was the brand extention, and all the talent worth watching went to Raw while everyone else went to Smackdown, therfore I stopped watching Smackdown. After a while they started doing brand specific Pay Per Views so I stopped watching the Smackdown ones, I still watched Raw every week and all of their PPV shows but Smackdown just wasn't for me.

Then the story telling became awful and I just stopped caring what was happening, I would still read about it online and watch anything that sounded interesting, but I no longer watched regularly. It was just too awful to watch with storylines that didn't work well years ago being repeated in some vain attempt to make them work this time round.

Thankfully the brand extention has quietly ended and story writing has improved recently. I am back to genuinley not being able to wait for the next episode, I want to know what's going to happnen next.

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africanpen wrote on June 9, 2014, 10:48 AM