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Macbook Air 11 or 13 inch?

I want to buy a Macbook Air in the new year but am now wondering whether to buy the 11 inch or the 13 inch. I wanted an Air because of its light weight and was going to buy the 11 inch but something set me thinking.

I like the Chrome browser but the Chrome browser doesn't like my present 13 inch Macbook (2010). There has been a long time problem with this browser and Macs in that the side scroll bar is really difficult to use sometimes. It sits right on the edge of the screen and is fiddly to use. If I go down to an 11 inch would it feel worse? I could of course change browsers but I do like Chrome and don't like Safari.

As mentioned I also want portability and wonder if the bigger Air would be defeating the object. I haven't even looked at the Pro models.

Any advice or experience on this would be appreciated.

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