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1969 Chevy II Nova SS

I was a lucky guy with my first car. Most would think it was an old beat up piece of junk but I loved it.

It was a 1969 Chevy II (Nova) SuperSport with a 396 & a 4 speed manual transmission. When I got the car it was 5 different colors. I primed the car with black primer but never got around to finishing the paint. It had steel wheels and torn seats. After dealing for a set of Crager SS rims and putting new seat covers on it, I had it going on !!

After a couple of months I saved enough money to get a stero from the junk yard. It was an AM/FM with 8 track! Yes they did exist in the late 70's.

Many times my friends and I would pack the car to cruise the strip in our small town. Most of my buddies had cars but they were either 4 cylinders or their mom's old sedan. I had the cool car even through it was flat black long before black out was a thing.

What was your first car? (or the car you liked best)

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maxeen wrote on December 1, 2014, 12:50 PM

My first car was an old Rover-Really old ! I was 17 and the car was a birthday present..