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Yesterday, I was at the together with all the of BFKE. We have so much fun and I enjoyed the company together with the people I´m working previously and today. We can eat all we can and drink we can but of course no matter how much food is made available. Our stomach has a limit. We dance a lot since the took place on the in and they use to have a disco night party. I can´t elaborate it more because it´s not the main part of the story that I want to share.

When I decided to drive home. I check out my mobile to check out the time. I saw several message and calls from PH. and USA. It´s from my and my sister. They call because my mom is not so well. She´s suffering from and that made her felt dizzy. I got a bit scared and worried and I´m a bit under that made me a but since I felt exhausted and tried to call back to my sister and I can´t reach her because she too was busy calling my mom. I do check my mail to and ask if everything is ok but I she replied to make a call later. The result made me fall asleep on the coach.

This morning I got a headache but then I manage to talk to my mom. Luckily her blood pressure is stable and got her medicine back. She did´t told me that she stop taking her med after when she felt better, what she don´t accept that she can´t escape from medication anymore after she was been diagnose with the HBP. This is a very common problem is Philippines. I don´t now why but I think it is about the lack of awareness about the healthy diet. She´s visiting the doctor for a . Thanks to the people about her, who help and take care of her there.

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AliCanary wrote on July 27, 2015, 6:44 PM

Sounds like the party was fun, but all that worry afterward was very stressful. Glad to hear that it turned out all right for your mom.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 31, 2015, 1:00 PM

A year has passed and another Christmas has come and gone and the New Year of 2016 comes tomorrow. I hope it is a good new year for you.