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Going to be a busy weekend

Tonight is reserved for talking to my parents, sortings out and a bit of work for my client.

Tomorrow I have been asked to go into to help out with some inputting. Fine. It's overtime. They're paying me. What's not to like?

In addition, I can post my eBay sales and pick up my Marks & Spencer order, which includes presents for my parents.

I've been writing a fair bit on other this week, mainly because I had to. It's been a busy one for my as well as my work, with looming in a week or so. EBay has been really hectic this past few weeks, and I've been packing and sending madly ever since. I need to spend the rest of the time this weekend (the bit I'm not inputting or writing!) madly sorting out new items to , because I have to admit I'm running out of what I currently have listed... Then again, there are enough items in this house to keep an average BUSINESS going, never mind me listing them on my own as a private seller around all the other things I undertake in an average week.

The problem is this running around Doing Stuff with no relaxation just does a number on my mind and body, and because I'm tired, I end up saying things I shouldn't to people that would be better off not hearing it.

Oh well. That's being human. I need to learn to exercise more control over my thoughts, so that they don't run out of my mouth with what's in my head.

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celticeagle wrote on November 29, 2014, 6:14 PM

That is a discipline I think a lot of us humans could learn. LOL And, after it is all sad and done we are all human.

AngelSharum wrote on November 29, 2014, 8:54 PM

It does sound like you've been busy. Good luck with the Ebay stuff.