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Watching The Fish Swim By

When I was a younger lad I used to sit on the beach by the bay and watch the girls walk by, clad in their two piece bikinis. Some multi-colored. Others a deep indigo blue, or fluorescent lime green. The colors in these ladies bikinis were just as beautiful and pleasant to view as the girls were themselves.

But now some thirty years later I still like to watch the ladies walk by at the local beach, or even at the local mall. However like any normal, average male today. I have discovered that watching fish swim by, particularly within a home aquarium environment is even better for my health. Some of you guys and gals out there reading this may have already thought to yourself.

Now here’s a classic example of a guy who really flipped his lid! But have I? Don’t get me wrong, I still very much love women from all walks of life. But I have found that in my later years that women are not as essential in contributing to my overall health and well-being as they may have been way back then.

So I have found other avenues to relieve my stress and entertain me during dull dreary days. Much like the kind of day I am experiencing right now here where I live. A cold, damp, rainy and windy day. A typical good day not to just read a good novel, but also Watch aquarium fish swim lazily by.

You may ask - what is my reasoning for this madness and what are my goals in achieving better health without relying on a women’s presence, or even touch? Well it’s really very simple. I employed the company of a few tropical fish that are just as colorful and interesting to watch, as those young babes dressed in their tight little colorful bikinis, some thirty or so years ago were; as they strutted their stuff on down that sandy beach by the bay.

Fish – tropical fish here once again, which I am referring to , are really very easy to care for and they don’t often disagree with you. That is unless you forget to add a thermostat to their watery environment, to assist in keeping the water temperature at a comfortable level.

Aquarium fish may are not always appear to be relaxing and enjoyable to watch as a bikini clad lady is to some of us. But studies have shown that having a home aquarium greatly reduces your stress level. And when your stress level is lower, your blood pressure in turn is lower. Liken it to yoga or deep meditational exercise. Very much the same idea.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health problem that can lead to even more serious cardiovascular related problems. Among those other heart related problems are increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. In addition to visual disturbances and depleted kidney function. Hypertension is not only prevalent here right in the United States for example. But also just as common in the western world.

So instead of trying to cut down on your salt intake, exercising a bit more, or even taking multiple pills prescribed by your doctor to help decrease your blood pressure. Try setting up a simple ten or twenty gallon fish tank, or freshwater aquarium in your living room or home den.

Fill your aquarium with some colorful platys or swordtail species of tropical fish. Sit back in your favorite recliner for an hour or two each day. Preferably a half hour or so before you start your day off. And than again when you return home for the evening right after your dinner for about another half hour to forty-five minutes.

Right before you turn in for the night is an ideal time. Studies have also shown that some peoples blood pressure can increase during the night or early wakening hours. So keep your eye on the fish before you retire for the night.

Watching a group of colorful fish swim by within their watery world can be just as good in helping you digest your food - in addition to lowering your overall blood pressure numbers. So once again guys and even gals. There is nothing wrong with watching the opposite sex walk by in their summer bathing suits. But believe me it’s not as beneficial to your blood pressure and overall heart health, as relaxing and focusing on the view right in front of you in terms of freshwater fishes.

And here's the good news. There's a happy ending to all this and that is – you can still watch the ladies walk by clad in their skimpy colorful bikinis. But keep in mind that it may not be as beneficial for your overall health in decreasing chances of developing hypertension. As it may have been when you were in your hay day way back when?

And look at it from this optimistic viewpoint! you can still have the best of both worlds and have your cake and eat it too! By simply watching a Handful or so of tropical fish, in the comfort of your own home. And continue to observe the opposite sex from a safe distance down by your local beach by the bay.

But always try to keep in mind that the fish are going to be your best bet health wise. particularly if you are trying to decrease your blood pressure numbers and avoid having a premature heart attack.

Image Credit » Image credit courtesy of Jlbowden - AKA (James Bowden)

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Glenn wrote on November 26, 2014, 10:52 PM

Interesting comparison. I used to breed tropical fish when I was 14 years old. I had five tanks. I can image how relaxing that can be today as I used to watch them for hours back in those days. This may be a good solution for elderly people who have nothing to do, and at the same time controlling their hypertension - as you discussed in this article. Anyway, as for me, I'd still watch the ladies.

Jlbowden wrote on November 26, 2014, 11:05 PM

Glenn thanks for commenting on my most recent article and you're definitely correct that older folks can definitely benefit from having a home aquarium and those who also maybe confined to a wheel chair. Not a thing wrong with watching the ladies either, but remember what I mentioned in my article - you CAN STILL HAVE YOUR CAKE & EAT IT TOO!! (;

Scorpie wrote on November 27, 2014, 10:52 AM

I stared at the picture for hours and did not see any fish swim by.

Jlbowden wrote on November 27, 2014, 11:09 AM

LoL..the trick Scorpi is to keep your eyes open while your watching them, preferably in front of an aquarium! (;

Jlbowden wrote on November 27, 2014, 11:12 AM

And I forgot to mention the pic in my article is an an animated version of a real aquarium. So you're correct in away - you wouldn't really be able to see any fish swim by! (;

bestwriter wrote on November 27, 2014, 9:43 PM

Watching fish in an aquarium is a a good pass time and I am told is a therapy too. I see these aquariums in hospitals these days.

Jlbowden wrote on November 27, 2014, 10:02 PM

Best writer thank you for your feedback & comments in reference to my article. I have seen many aquariums in Doctors offices, but have yet to see a few in a hospital setting. I think that this is an excellent idea to have more aquariums in a institution like a hospital. Would be beneficial therapy for not only patients but hospital staff as well.

Scorpie wrote on November 28, 2014, 11:10 AM

get a webcam, download yawcam, open port 8082 in your router, add dymanic dns and then I can watch the fishies.

cat blanket live (cats not guaranteed)

Jlbowden wrote on November 28, 2014, 11:50 AM

Thank you for this feedback. I just may incorporate your suggestions. Another good tip for you, is that when you do finally get around to set up your own aquarium, just make sure you get rid of any felines you might have. Otherwise you won't have any fish to watch swim by! ):

Scorpie wrote on November 28, 2014, 12:30 PM

That's some sound advice. I had a snail once but no one told me it needed live plants to eat.

Jlbowden wrote on November 28, 2014, 1:13 PM

LoL! That's funny and you know I have snails now in my own Aquarium until I purchase the plants for the Aquarium. The snail eggs must have been hidden in the roots of the plants because the snails did not show up until a month later. Who would figure right?