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Big Hero 6 Toy

You weeks ago we went out to see the movie big hero 6 and my four-year-old son MJ loved it so much that he is asking me to buy him a Big Hero 6 toy as his Christmas gift. I am beginning to save up for that toy but it's still very expensive. I am sure there are some imitations out there but we can never be sure about the materials they use for imitation toys. Something makers are said to use poisonous chemicals to Color their plastic. So even if the original toy is very expensive I will do my best to buy it for my son. As long as it makes you happy I will work hard to get it.

I wonder what my little girl would want for Christmas.

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facenorth wrote on November 25, 2014, 9:19 AM

that's the spirit, sometimes parents will do everything for the happiness of their kids