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I Love a Good Productive Today...

...And today was certainly a productive one indeed! I think I got a lot done, both work related and non-work related.

I'm really glad I got those errands taken care of. Now that my tablet has been sent off, I am hoping to get it back by at least mid-December. I started picking out Christmas cards to send to my friends -as I bought a box of assorted cards- and they're already addressed and ready to go. I'm not sending them out until next week or so, so I'll start actually filling them out this weekend. I do this in small doses, and I don't feel like filling them out tonight lol. I did put my dentist money on the side and send what I had in my PayPal over to my bank account, so that's done and over it.

I think I did good with my writing as well. I worked on eight freelance writing assignments from my client, and I'm looking to take on more tomorrow. I posted six bubbles over on Bubblews and three posts on here. I do want to eventually increase my posting on here, but I'm easing it into my writing schedule right now. I finished everything up at a decent time and I hit my daily quota, and should hopefully hit my weekly quota tomorrow.

In between everything, I watched Roseanne and Kindergarten Cop because I wanted some TV time, lol.

Well, in addition to writing, we also have the munchkin tomorrow. We didn't babysit today so that's why I decided to run those errands today.

I had a busy day, I'm tired and I'm not sure what else to add to this post. I think it's time for this girl to just relax and get some shut eye. I hope you all have a great night, or morning if you are in a different time zone, and take care! :)

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Madcanman wrote on November 21, 2014, 4:59 AM

A productive day is always a good thing, Vipergirl. Sounds like you had a busy one. Get some sleep, and get right back to it when you get up. Good luck!!

LoudMan wrote on November 21, 2014, 7:17 AM

You should really try getting more done. This lying about eating Bon-Bons all day will get you nowhere. :P

melody23 wrote on November 21, 2014, 11:54 AM

Its a good feeling when you can look back on a day and realised that you have accomplished things.

katiemmoore25 wrote on November 22, 2014, 1:38 AM

I love productive day! I write on bubblews too and actually earned a good amount of money today! :)