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What Makes Me Happy During Each Season?

I found this writing prompt/challenge the other day and I kind of wanted to give it a whirl. It reads "What makes you happiest in summer, spring, fall, winter?" So let's give it a try, shall we?!

Spring: The weather is not too hot or too cold, and the flowers are starting to bloom. We are able to go outside more, and there are more birthday parties/family gatherings. I can wear a jacket or shorts and still feel comfortale. Spring storms are pretty nice too.

Summer: The warm weather; wearing shorts and flip-flops. There is a lot to do, like going for walks and attending cookouts. Watching WWE SummerSlam (well, I will actually be attending it in person in 2015). I do not mind summer storms either.

Fall: The weather is cooling down, but it's not freezing yet. The leaves are turning colors and falling, and decorations start to take over the neighborhoods. We also celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Winter: The entire Christmas season, New Years Eve and my birthday (which is in January). I can wear my leggings, boots and knit hats. Snowfalls are nice, as long as we are not snowed in for days.

Well there you go. You guys are welcome to make a post trying it out. It's kind of fun and helps you to appreciate each season. :) I'm going to head out. I am finished my work, watching Kindergarden Cop and I could use a bit of a break from the laptop. Take care, everyone! :)

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angelsherry wrote on November 20, 2014, 9:47 PM

You know something? Iver even thought about all this when looking at the seasons, because I am mashed up hating the cold, liking the heat, not wanting it too hot or cold, don't like bugs, but love Christmas and watching leaves fall!