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I can say that I am a very because I can easily adjust to any situation at ,

and today I prove to myself that I can face challenges like facing a difficult people like, our leader at work.

Though she is not a superior or the head of all different leaders and I can say, she's the lowest position of them all.

The fact is, how small power a person can get, most of them want to show that they existed like her, she is there who have a power over me.

Thankfully Norwegian laws have a strong defense for the workers like me, then we must be treated fairly.

But being a human we do have differences, just like our team leader, even though she want to bark me like a dog when when I made a mistake, she pretending not to but she say it in a different way that was also irritating.

She expecting me to do better since I am a certified worker in a certain part of my , about how to handle different materials.

I actually know what I'm doing, but it was accidentally went in a wrong way.

What she didn't consider is that I am just a human being to who can also make mistakes.

But then I consider it since she seldom said anything either if a job well done and she has no that made me got a higher paid employee compared to them.

It looks like she wants to find a mistake from me than to appreciate all the correct things I did.


I don't want to have conflicts because can lead only to no good ,

so I consider it today, no further discussion. I felt pity for her because maybe she had waited it for long to express her insecurity, LOL

You know what I got on my mind. Oh yeah, I got a bit excited that I have something to post today. At least I can make cents from it. It turns out positive in that way. Isn't it cool?

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Ellis wrote on November 20, 2014, 4:10 PM

There is a world of difference between motivating a workforce and bullying one...

twirllinks wrote on November 20, 2014, 4:37 PM

Yes it is and maybe she tried to talk to me in good way as she could but only that I felt stupid when she say it to me in front of my other co-worker and then of course the other worker want to share their meaning that make all things worst. LoL