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Business: The category is a bit wide range so I better narrow down to the business which is related to me, right now. I am currently working for the bank. Previously I thought that Bank is the luxury business. In reality, I must say I am wrong. The banking business is mostly operation and service sector rather than we can classify ourselves as the high class. Currently the FX rate is dramatically high, in earlier of last month, we needed to pay only 950 local currency for one dollars. Suddenly it was rocket hit to 1,000 mark. Today it is hit to 1070 mark, I believe that it could be hit up to 1,200 mark easily by end of this month. I don't like the high of FX rate even though while I earned in dollars because it is not a good sign for the nation economy and it will make the consumer product more expensive.

What is your opinion on FX rate?

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