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She needs glasses

My husband and I got new I glasses two weeks ago. My daughter was fascinated with that eye checking machine and asked if she could have it eye check too. And because she saw me and her dad the new glasses she wanted one for herself too. As it turned out after the guy kept her eyes she also has I stigmatism. Unfortunately we did not have enough for another set of eyeglasses so she had to wait until we had the budget.

I planned to bring her to the ophthalmologist this morning but unfortunately again it had to wait until later because our parish is having a program since today is the feast day of our patron saint. If we went out this morning we would be caught in traffic. My daughter has been impatient about her glasses. Hopefully we get to go there after her school this afternoon.

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facenorth wrote on November 17, 2014, 10:50 PM

oh well, even my daughter wants a new eyeglasses, she's been reading a lot and sometimes he complain of her painful eyes.