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Kids Do they understand the meaning of love and dating

Children today have changed the meaning of love. Firstly they fall in love in their childhood. The age, at which they should concentrate on their study or carrier, they waste their time on affairs.

From an early age begin their affair while they do not know the true meaning of love. They know new word, “DATING”. In their school days they do not compete with their rank but they compete with each other to making girlfriend or boyfriend.

I saw lot of student in their uniform they bunk their class and goes for their date. Sometimes, it makes me surprised, that in school uniform; they are in parks, in malls, in theaters. They do not scared by anyone.

But is it correct? Is it right way? Where are they going? No guidance, no rationality and no good company, and they wander the street. They makes mistake on mistake and spoil their life and when they became mature they realized their mistake but sometimes it make them so far to their aim the they can come bake from that way.

Right guidance on right time is necessary for them. If we are successful to explain them about their aim, about their carrier, and about their dangerous age of love then it is sure that they do not go on wrong way.

We have to explain them that when they stand in their feet, they understand that how they love and who should they love.

Kids have to understand the present situation and age for the love and dating.

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carexing25 wrote on November 13, 2014, 1:40 AM

kids these days .. they think they are old enough... I don't know why they are like that