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Cold or no cold, the crates have to be sorted

After finally managing to fall asleep around 2am, I woke up at 9.30am feeling reasonable.

Still sneezing and sniffing, but reasonably confident that I was capable of more than simply sitting in bed getting a numb bum typing all day.

So I put a wash in to run, then tackled most of the washing up for starters.

After that I decided to check my latest small crate of bits to see whether anything was eBayable. It wasn't, but I did manage to throw out some more papers and stuff what was left in the crate into the half-full bigger crate in the loft. I grabbed a few more things and dumped them in the small crate before heading back downstairs. On the way down from the loft (backwards, with the crate in my hands and stopping on every step to rest) I dislodged a pile of papers from one of the stairs.

Turns out these were originally in a carrier bag which had completely biodegraded in the meantime, leaving microplastic bits all over the stairs. Really safe. So the whole of that stairful of assorted items ended up in the front room, where the laminate floor makes hoovering up bits really easy. Underneath the biodegraded bag was one of my husband's rucksacks, open, now half full of bits of microplastic. I don't think he'll like going through the paperwork I found in there, as it relates to a particularly bad contract he had. Still, it's now all stashed in the rucksack, safely zipped up, and awaiting his attentions at some point.

This is when I bless our confidential shredding service at work, because one of these days everything will end up in there. It's all shredded, then fed to the boiler to provide some of the heat for the wards and clinics (where the heating still works, that is...) I obviously need to provide them with some more bits to shred, judging on the temperature in my office in the last few days.

So now my energy has run out, the washing is airing, the second wash is in the dryer and I'm watching the temperature drop before giving in and putting the fire on later. I still need to list some eBay items and finish an article for my client, and I suspect the eBay items will be next so I can then retire upstairs whenever I feel like it to carry on writing.

The sneezes are now back, but I can't tell whether this is the cold coming out or the fact that I've been breathing in industrial levels of dust all afternoon. I haven't taken any ibuprofen today, so I can enjoy a drink tonight, but I'll probably have a couple of pills before bed. Meantime, I'd better get that fire put on and the eBay sales listed before I freeze solid here.

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slexy143 wrote on December 6, 2014, 11:56 AM

that's a whole lot if work. at least your confident enough to start. I just wallow in here blaming my boyfriend for not giving me a hand to clean up the house. haha like he's got a choice, he's so helping me

WordChazer wrote on December 6, 2014, 12:41 PM

If I waited for my husband to help me sometimes, I'd be half zombified. Fortunately, he knows the tone of voice which brooks no argument and comes to lend a hand as required. He's average at most things, except for being even worse at ironing than I am. He can hoover floors, wash, dry and put away dishes, help to hang the laundry out, take the rubbish out and cook a half decent meal. He's also designated remover of wandering wildlife unless my hoover is nearby. We have an ironing service for when I lose the will to live and a gardener nearby who can advise on what we should be doing in the garden and when. This is not the Ideal Home but it's ours. Very much lived in but not as cluttered as it used to be and heading to be even less cluttered when I get on with listing eBays instead of commenting on posts *wink*.

scheng1 wrote on December 6, 2014, 10:44 PM

Ebayable!! Is that a new word in current use or your invention?

WordChazer wrote on December 7, 2014, 5:35 AM

I ebay, you ebay, he ebays, we ebay, you ebay in a group, they ebay...

Why not? 'To eBay', like 'to medal'. Works the other way too, look at 'winningest'.