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It Has Been A Year

Today as I visited a group of old people whom i used to teach, I was reminded of the person who helped me teach them just a year ago. His name is John Loyd Ribay. He was my assistant for almost two years. We did a lot of great things in those two years. I was able to direct two major productions like my alma mater's Centennial concert and the life story play of the school's founder. He also assisted me in all my teaching jobs for companies like Unilever Phiilppines, Chiang Kai Shek College and many more. He was my travel companion during the time I was sick and had vertigo. He took over classes I could not attend to due to bad health or schedule with my kids. He watched my studio and store during the time it was still open. But most of all, he was my friend who listened to my every story. He considered my family as his own and he was also part of our family.

A year ago, he left us because he said he was too sick to continue. He said his cough was not getting better and he started spitting blood. He said he would go home to the province to get better. Once and a while he would text me and I thought he was getting better. Then it came the time he asked for help because he was too sick, but he was so far away. I sent money but it was not enough. He needed me but I could not get to him.

He died after a few days. That was a year ago. But there is not a day I do not think of him and wish I could have done more. I know he does not blame me for what happened to him. It was his choice not to seek help from his family. I just hope wherever he is, he knows that he was loved and is remembered.

Please help me pray for his soul.

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