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It is my dream

It is my dream my desire and I wish about. I think about when I am not doing something and yes I think about even when I am busy. I pray for and want to see, this world free from all kinds of weapons. I dream about peace. Love everywhere. People to born just to love and care. No killing at all. No terrorist’s attack nor any military assault and even not any street fight. No political conflicts and not at all sectarianism.

Life is too short while some factors acquired by some certain forces consisting human are making it shorter. There are on the one hand natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and storms which put people into pains and on the other hand we the humans are making our own lives painful.

If we see the animals they do not kill their own species while the humans in the past and in the present are busy to invent new weapons to kill themselves. Yes I will say themselves because humans are making arrangements to kill humans so they are going to kill themselves perhaps they will be busy in future too.

But I am dreaming I am wishing and I am desiring to see this world weapon free. Only love and peace in the entire world.

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maxeen wrote on November 8, 2014, 7:24 AM

I agree with every word you have said. We are the unlucky ones who are to be subjected to the carelesness of those who rule.

PegCole17 wrote on June 13, 2015, 6:14 AM

The world would truly be a better place if we all loved one another. I love the message you've shared here.