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I Missed You Personapaper!

I had a pretty busy weekend and I was not able to write here for a few days. I admit, I actually missed writing for personapaper. Since I have been seeing an improvement in my bank here I have been feeling more encouraged to write. I also like the big pictures that go with my posts. I think it is really cool.

This weekend, my family and I followed the Filipino tradition of Todos Los Santos or going to the cemetery to visit our dead relatives. We all gather around the graves and pray for their souls. It is also a chance for us to see our other living relatives. It is like a reunion. Unfortunately we went to the cemetery a bit late yesterday and so we missed seeing most of our relatives.

Anyway, did I miss anything here? Any new developments while I was away?

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bestwriter wrote on November 2, 2014, 8:27 AM

It is there waiting for you. Go to the front page and also to your 'activity stream' and pick and choose. Also post away.