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We have two animals in the house. Possibly a few more if I include the spiders and the flys!

But I will concentrate on the two - one cat, one dog...

Cat is old (20yrs), and is not the active hunter he once was. But he still manages to get out in the garden most days. He doesn't do as much as he once did - hunting mice or voles was a favourite pastime way back, he would often bring a 'gift' in for us.. Nowadays he merely heads out to sometimes use the garden as his litter-tray but mostly he likes to head for the water-butt and lap at the water within. He always did like puddles of rainwater in preference to his water bowl.

Dog is young (3yrs). He is a whippet, therefore hunting and running is in his blood. Having said that, he likes his creature-comforts too. His most favoured pastime is burrowing into a blanket and snoozing. He does it very well. When he is out he has a 'nose'. He will happily follow a scent of ..rabbit, squirrel, pheasant or even the wild boar or deer. Quite what he would do if he actually caught one is unknown; He is easily distracted by fresher scent.

Whippet as a breed are known for their hunting skills but they are also known to be content with an hour or so running free, before returning to the hearth or their bed.

Cat will depart from us soon, he is of that age... He has his habbits - he shouts for his supper and he appears every evening for a brush (he drools), and he scratches at the door when he wants out. I live in dread of the day he leaves us. But it will happen.

Dog is young. I trust that there are a good many years in him. He gives ME good reason to keep active.

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Ellis wrote on November 2, 2014, 8:38 AM

Unfortunately, the end is inevitable. I hope it is not a decision you have to take.

BodieMor wrote on January 5, 2015, 5:48 PM

I lost an elderly cat on my birthday - a beloved pet. One remains of the same age, still hunting citrus rats and preferring to dine in company - us. Can't say how many times we have heard slurpy crunching behind us. At least he is a tidy eater, leaving no blood smears or leftovers. Only disinfecting is required. >_