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Freezing Lemon Peel for Later Use

We're making beef and barley soup for supper tonight. We started it yesterday, using soup bones from locally sourced grass-fed beef. Now as we're throwing bits of this and that into the broth for seasoning, I'm referring back to Jeff Smith's (the “Frugal Gourmet's”) recipe, and wishing I had some lemon peel on hand!

This is a good frugal tip for anyone who likes to cook: when you use any kind of citrus fruit, peel or zest the fruit first. The peels can be frozen in small portions for later use. For finely minced zest, what you want to do is measure out individual portions using a teaspoon. Turn these out onto a plate or cookie sheet that's lined with waxed paper. Flash freeze for about an hour.

Once the portions of citrus zest are frozen solid, they can be stored in an airtight container or a labelled freezer bag. Keep one for lemons and another for oranges. If you use lime zest, grapefruit, etc. in your cooking, keep those too! This way you'll always have citrus peel on hand for when you need it, and you won't be running out to buy a lemon just so you can have a bit of zest...

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Feisty56 wrote on October 28, 2014, 11:31 PM

I'd never given this a thought, but what a great idea. This way, no useful part of the fruit goes to waste.

Ruby3881 wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:19 AM

I used to always save citrus peels for air freshener and such. I boil spices and citrus peel in water, to humidify the air in winter and make the house smell nice :)

Ruby3881 wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:20 AM

Lemon zest is often called for in baking, but it can also be an ingredient in things like rice dishes or soups. Additionally, citrus peels can be candied or used in making marmalade.

idyll wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:27 AM

thanks for the useful tips. never thought of the freezing lemon peel can be used for waxing.

Ruby3881 wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:32 AM

I think you seriously misread the directions! The WAXED PAPER is just to keep the frozen peels from sticking to your plate or cookie sheet. The peels are for cooking, and not necessarily for any cosmetic or domestic purpose emoticon :winking:

idyll wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:39 AM

ohhhhh my bad and careless. i only see the wax then followed by freeze peel and thought of waxing...haha thanks for correcting me. if it is about cooking, i might more interested to use those freeze peel as snack by mixing up with some sugar and salt.

JanetJenson wrote on October 29, 2014, 12:57 AM

RFLOL, Instead of running to the store I would have to run outdoors to pick a lemon from our highly prolific tree, although I do freeze citrus things for the inbetween times.

Ruby3881 wrote on October 29, 2014, 1:42 AM

That's an interesting idea. I'd never thought of eating lemon peel that way...

Ruby3881 wrote on October 29, 2014, 1:46 AM

I so envy you! A lemon tree probably wouldn't do too well in our climate, but I've wanted to have one ever since I first heard Peter, Paul and Mary sing :)

Feisty56 wrote on October 29, 2014, 9:28 AM

Yes, I do the same -- as soon as the furnace comes on it's time to start putting some humidity -- and fragrance -- into that dry air.

Ellis wrote on October 29, 2014, 3:19 PM

This is a good tip for pirates going on long sea voyages...

Scorpie wrote on October 29, 2014, 4:56 PM

Let's make limoncello and have a party then!

Scorpie wrote on October 29, 2014, 4:58 PM

Har! Did you actually write that? Got a good laugh.

Ruby3881 wrote on October 31, 2014, 4:13 AM

I generally throw in a cinnamon stick, some whole cloves or allspice, and whatever citrus peels we have on hand. We keep a little bowl or bucket in the fridge, and toss fresh stuff in whenever the older peels look limp...

Ruby3881 wrote on October 31, 2014, 4:15 AM

Hmmm, maybe I'll look up a recipe! It sounds like I might need a good bit of lemon zest though....

Ruby3881 wrote on October 31, 2014, 4:16 AM

LOL! I think with the modern conveniences, perhaps they use lime now, and whip up nice frothy batches of margaritas :P

Ruby3881 wrote on October 31, 2014, 4:17 AM

I had to chuckle too! CoralLevang , things are getting just a titch salty over here.... emoticon :winking:

JanetJenson wrote on November 1, 2014, 6:46 PM

That is such a pretty song, except for the words, but it has such a nice melody. Sharing neighbors have orange trees but I would like to have access to a grapefruit tree as well. Maybe someday.

CoralLevang wrote on November 1, 2014, 7:29 PM

Ha! I thought I was going to read something risque! You guys are all amateurs!! emoticon :winking:
I think I'm going to have to give some saucy wench lessons before too long.

CoralLevang wrote on November 1, 2014, 7:30 PM

Now, THIS comment has some potential, with the inclusion of the words "whip" and "frothy"!! ROFL

CoralLevang wrote on November 5, 2014, 6:01 AM

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm...... I have a friend that makes limoncello. I'll have to get the recipe. I've made it, but don't know where the recipe is. She learned while living in Italy.