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Restoring My PC

My PC is turning 3 years old, it crashed in February and hasn't been running smooth ever since . I don't have enough for a new PC, though I managed to earn enough Amazon Codes to order a portable hard drive to ensure that I save my photos , unlike the ones I lost when my last PC died.

I figured that I had close to 30 gigs of personal photos, videos, pdf files and such on my PC , though I never expected over 50 gigs ! Doesn't matter, I still copied them to the new hard drive, then removed them from the old. Proceeded to remove all of the unnecessary folders that remained and continued with a Windows Back-up procedure.

On to using my Genuine Windows Recovery disk for the first time. As easy as following directions , but when they recommended for me to "upgrade" I opted for "re-installation". Difference? the upgrade takes whatever files and programs it decides will be "useful", whereas the re-installation loads Only the Operating System.

Registering the Product Key ended up being the toughest task. After several attempts in the re-installation process, I skipped it, which allowed me to continue and gives 30 days to register the key . After Hours of trying, I finally realized that I needed to get the server pack that was on the system when the key was activated the first time. By time I was done, I shut her down and went to bed.

Tried and failed again this morning, to validate the product key. So I decided to restore my back up files. About a hour later I was finally running a Genuine Windows Operating System! Now I could have saved time and frustration if I had done the "upgrade", though it was all worth it so that I can decide what I want on my PC. However my work did not stop there.

First thing I needed, was a different browser. I can NOT stand Internet Explorer to browse the web. I have been a loyal Google Chrome user for years but in recent months, it has had a huge crash problem. So I decided to go back to FireFox and see how it goes. I hopped over to Adobe for the Flash-Player and I also grabbed Java , now I have to get a few Windows programs to open the homeschool files I downloaded, then find Only the programs that I use Often . Finally, after I am satisfied with my customizations, I will run a security check to ensure all of the programs are up to date.

It is a ton of work to restore a PC and if not done correctly, can ruin any chance of running an operating system. My experiences have made me appreciate technicians for what they do , as well as give me Confidence to repair my own PC and Satisfaction when it's done right.

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