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More Ways to Keep Children Occupied When You Work From Home

Set up a Mini Workstation

If you want to have them where you can see them you can set up a little workstation that mimics your own. Children will love this as it will feel like a special game and they get to be near to you. Find some activities that they can do without much supervision, so you should probably stay away from anything that involves scissors. Coloring books, puzzles and activity books are all great for keeping them busy but out of trouble.

Pop on an Electronic Book on Leap Pad

You may use technology to make your business run smoothly so why not incorporate it into occupying your little one? Books on tape can keep them occupied and engaged for long stretches of time. Of course you have to ensure that they can follow in the books and maybe ask them to count how many times a particular word is used and then tell you when the story is finished. This will keep them interested and you can reward their efforts when the story is finished.

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