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Swing Wizards, an Android app from Earth Little

Swing Wizards from Earth Little is one of the latest tapping games. On first opening the , it looks similar to a 80s platform title, with lines of swinging in a metronomic rhythm. Think Manic Miner or early Mario versions. You could never tap a Spectrum or Commodore screen in the way this game will have you doing, though. And it’s nothing to do with the golfing term either, although it may well improve your reaction speed and knowledge of the way your phone works.

Swing Wizards is designed in an anime style, with chibi and or . Players can choose their character and then simply tap to make them fly. They have to go upwards, not sideways, mind. Beware of those swinging stones too. Hit one and it's the end of the game, with the character falling to the ground, stars circling their head in simulated pain.

As with all the best games, the idea behind Swing Wizards is . Navigate through the levels without hitting any of the obstacles. The trouble is, it's also addictive, even to those, like me, who are totally useless at tapping games. I missed out on the Flappy Bird craze, but I can see why it was such a hit. I’m beginning to learn how to play these games now; the way to hold the phone, the most effective angle to swipe the screen. And to think, six months ago, I had never even held a touch screen phone, never mind having to use one every day.

Swing Wizards requires no special and is free to download. There is a lot of in the screen, deep colors and smooth graphics, including a floating castle on a cloud. At first glance it looks as if a player might be able to land on the top of the branches holding the swinging stones, but so far my attempts to fly my character in that direction have resulted in a headlong tumble and an angel or wizard with a migraine. Hardly ideal, for sure.

Due to its colorful graphics, simple gameplay and lack of permissions, Swing Wizards is great for . The game is free and has no in-game purchase requirements either. It's an easy way to pass some time, even in an area with a low signal strength. It’s also, as I have found, a good way to learn about how a phone behaves, how to make it do what you expect, and how to control it so that it does.

The creativity of app and game developers like Earth Little never ceases to amaze me, and I have a sneaky feeling I'll be playing this game for a long while.

Posted at 22:37 BST on 24 October 2014. Photo supplied by and used with permission of the developer.

Image Credit » Image used with permission of Earth Little, game developer

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