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Somethings Have Changed While Others Remain The Same

Here is a link to the last thing that I wrote here:

Some things have changed, while other things remain the same.

The last time I wrote here, I was still in ManorCare Nursing Home but was planning on moving to Muncie until I was able to get a place back in Anderson. I predicted that this (the move back to Anderson) would be taking place within a time frame of one to two months after I moved into my Muncie apartment.

However, I've now changed my mind and have decided to live in Muncie at least until spring, as...

1. I have no idea how the weather is going to pan out at this time of year, and I don't want to be trying to move when it's well below freezing and a blizzard is going on. As you know, we were really given a Siberian-style winter last year, and it's being predicted that we ain't seen nothing yet! Of course, they said that after The Blizzard Of '78, and -- although it DID snow and get cold from time to time -- it wasn't really severe. Even so...

2. Next year, I'll have more time to really look around and choose exactly where I want to be -- though, as far as I'm concerned, it would be just fine by me if this apartment building and all of my great neighbors were picked up and transplanted over in Anderson. Then, I would have the best of both worlds! I won't be having to worry about a huge snowstorm coming along when I've made all of the preparations to move.

Oops! I see that I'm about to run out of time to be online, so I'm going to have to sign off for now and continue this the next time I'm online.

What I think I'm going to do is to save this as a draft...

It's now October 30, 2014, and I'm back to continue this.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting my S.S.I. check a bit early, since the first of the month falls on a weekend. I can start paying my bills on Friday, starting with my rent. It's going to be a bit precarious this month to where I'm going to have to be careful of where to spend what. Hopefully, things will ease up a bit by or before December.

According to Larry, it's going to get cold and wet enough to produce a bit of snow come Friday evening, but he says that it won't stick. I'm going to look online to see if the weather is going to be cooperative for the next week or so at least.


It looks as if there will be a chance of snow showers overnight on Friday into Saturday. The week ahead will be wet at times but well above freezing. It looks as the days of my arrival and departure from my upcoming visit to Anderson will be sunny ones.

That's all for now...

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LoudMan wrote on October 31, 2014, 7:53 PM

You might be right about the weather. And, moving isn't a joy on a warm day, either.