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Some more tips to foster creativity in school children

Here are some more tips for teachers and parents to foster creativity in school going children in easy and low cost ways.

6. Have a "What Can Be Done Challenge" for slightly older children. Ask the class to list the that face us today like illiteracy, poverty, pollution, lack of tolerance, etc. Divide the class into 5-6 groups and make them come up with causes, effects and solutions of such problems. Encourage children to write reports and essays and have them published in or school magazine.

7. String-along-a-story is also a fun way of enhancing creativity. Take 6-8 words consisting of a main character, a color, an animal, a place, a building, a bad character and a situation (lost in jungle, going shopping, driving in car). Ask children to develop a story using these guidelines and give it a happy or sad ending. Encourage them to describe the character, location and the villain and let them have fun with words.

8. On the other hand, provide for them an opening line and tell them to construct a story from that situation. For example, "I was just going to bed when I heard a thud...." or "He was walking down the street when..." You can also tell the children to look out of the window, one by one, for 3 minutes each and tell the whole class what they can see. This encourages the child to put his observations into words.

9. For each month, choose a theme and ask children to collect, write or craft things according to that theme. For example, December can be about snow or the winter season. Tell children to write poems, essays, short stories, draw pictures, make crafts, collect newspaper cuttings, etc. related to these themes. Each child can make a different contribution according to his/her talents. At the end of a month, have a class exhibition and share all gathered information with rest of the school. Such activities allow each child to bring out his best and take pride in his creative talents. Some children are good writers, others draw well and some are good artisans and each unique gift should be encouraged and praised.

10. Books other than text books are essential for school-going children. If funds are a problem, the school administration should request newspapers to donate children's magazines to school. Otherwise, each class must have its own mini library where children can read and discuss books.


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mdhubilla wrote on October 21, 2014, 4:22 AM

This is a very informative article sir, I am a teacher and I usually handled students or trainees 18 years old up to 45 year old and I find it very difficult to deal with children. I am really having difficulty to communicate with children.

Dawnwriter wrote on October 21, 2014, 10:05 AM

It is a ma'am actually :D..the writer being a lady:-)

AliCanary wrote on October 22, 2014, 4:33 PM

Wow, these are great! People can do these with their families and friends, too, even.