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Simple Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

New freelancer writers are always on the lookout for new writing jobs. Well, the truth is all freelance writers spend some time looking for new work, even the ones with repeat jobs, so knowing where and how to find jobs is important to a freelancer’s survival.

To this end, the following is a reference list of some simple ways to find freelance writing jobs.

Follow Bloggers Who Scout Out Freelance Writing Jobs

There are a few bloggers who make a living by pointing others in the right direction. These bloggers were usually freelance writers who understood both the importance and the difficulty of pinpointing the best jobs in a market that can be overcrowded with fluff. It is worth every freelancer’s while to seek these bloggers out and subscribe. This way you can have a few job listings in your email or your blog reader every morning before you start your day.

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