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Google announces the Nexus 6 and Lollipop

The fifth version of the Android operating system already has a name. Keeping the tradition of "sweets" that Google reserves the mobile operating system names will be known as Lollipop (lollipop). The company just announced the new version will come fitted as standard plus three new devices: a phone, a tablet and an Android device to carry the TV.

Lollipop or Android 5.0 was announced last June at the Worldwide Developers Conference that the company held annually in San Francisco. It has been available in beta for developers in recent months. The main novelty is a renewed graphic interface that draws on a metaphor of overlapping layers of paper. This interface is known as Material and Design is a visual language that Google also wants to take their web services.

Besides the new graphical look, Lollipop will have a more advanced system notifications. Now you can show some important notifications on the lock screen and users will have more control over which messages they receive and in what situations. Android 5.0 is also the first version to support 64-bit processors, but for now these processors are only present in the midrange.

Google wants this new version of Android will also help popularize the use of the operating system in enterprise environments. Will have activated a data encryption system by default and will combine personal and work profiles within a single device.

Lollipop Android will be available as an upgrade for Google Nexus phones 4 and 5 and the Nexus 10 tablet Other makers of the Android platform will have to make minor adjustments before they can offer it on their devices. No manufacturer has announced dates yet for their updates.

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idyll wrote on October 17, 2014, 1:35 AM

Your post remind me of one of my careless which leads as a joke. i'm not familiar with android phone and its version. the day before yesterday, I overheard that my colleagues were talking about "jelly bean, ice-cream and lollipop" and asked them where I could get those sweets now :D then they all laughed at me and explained me that they were not taking about food, it was about android ph version :D

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 27, 2015, 12:13 AM

I have not heard of the two new things. Have you tried them? Are they any good? It is nice to meet you on this site.