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I'm a gun banger where most of men die

in front of me while I'm caring my gun loader.
I get pay to body enough weight like stocks that
can compensate Google share-holders.

I'm jet like quick to raise the steel making a thousand
in the ghetto on a murder deal. Nobody knows how
I feel when those demons are in my heart making me
squeeze that cold hard steal with my words bond and
seal. I shot many victims with fatal wounds that did
not to heal. Their blood wipe away my blood and tears
because nobody shares in my life's misery. Straight from
my glock my victims see ten more rapid bullet delivery.

This is my life after serving ten in the Penn that makes
me heartless without any chance of loving another human
being again. I was a teenage boy in the wilderness among
the men repeatedly rape, again, again. I'm exhausting my
energy from my souls letting loose each bullet from my gun
to revenge the pain of what happen to me back then.

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