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I wish you had the strength to live through

Shattered glass pierce the flesh of royalty. As he despises what he see's.
He believes a hell bound batty boy is starring into the depths of his soul,
While his insecurities trickled down his flesh like the tears that Jesus Wept.
Help me please! He cries
Trying to deny that beautiful rose that's trying to develop from deep within.
But like a thief in the night he cuts the roots to his own bush. Blocking the nourishment that little seed needs to become that vibrant plant I see. Can't you see your stealing your own joy. Our joy.
Playing Jhene Aiko, while sitting in that dark room. Letting other people's hatred of something they never allowed themselves to understand bleed from out of you..
A king in love with a prince.......
Something so beautiful......
I wish you had the strength to live through.

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MegL wrote on October 16, 2014, 8:27 AM

Interesting poem and interesting image - "cuts the roots to his own bush"!