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Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Has probably happened to you to keep your phone in your pocket and feel vibrating and when you verify there is no notification , I even happened to me that although this a bit out of me in some table I tend to feel that vibe and it is not .

Since no definition for this feeling " phantom vibration syndrome cell " .

The explanation given by many experts is that the vibration emitted by cellular stimuli cause some areas of our body and our brain, so when we return to be stimulated by movement or vibration from another object immediately relate it to the cell .

On average we use our smartphone over 100 times during the day which increases our dependence on this device and makes us experience symptoms such as anxiety differences stages .

you have felt your phone vibrate?

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MegL wrote on October 13, 2014, 12:44 PM

My phone reacts to messages coming in to other phones in the house. I don't notice it UNLESS the phone is beside my radio, when the radio makes a funny noise. It is not a message for me but for someone else in the house. Maybe it is the same for you?