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Prioritizing your Family

Which is more important? Family Or Work?

Most of us are probably working moms and dads. But how sure are you that you are able to meet your responsibility being a parent? It could be hard for those who are doing other than taking care of their kids. May it be work or managing an own business. Prioritizing your family over anything else in the world may be hard. Because all of us should also earn for a living. Let us all admit that without money we can never sustain or cater the needs of our family. Aside from love of course, we also need some things to able to live. Like food, shelter, water, those needs that are not for free.

It may not always be enough to stay and be with your kids all the time. You also need to find a way to be able to support them while they're growing. To be able to feed them, bring them to school, nurture them and provide them their basic needs. Once you become a parent you must be financially stable to be able to meet the demands of your family.

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alexdg1 wrote on October 6, 2014, 5:53 PM

Actually, you need to find and maintain a fine balance between work, family, and "me time." You can't put too much of an emphasis on one of the three.