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SEO Questions for Elitecodex

Some questions for Elitecodex - posting here so all can see and contribute.

SEO- A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing!

I probably don't even know enough to be dangerous but but here goes anyway!

1. Are we getting any significant volume via search engines?

2. We seem to be indexed by Google but as yet we don't seem to attain good SERP positions. Is that how you see it?

3. Are all our articles being indexed by secondary search engines such as Bing and Yahoo?

4. Would it help to have alt-tags for our images?

and the most important question of all, apart from the obvious (adding great, in-depth content - adding relevant comments - promoting posts via social media)-

Is there anything the members can do to help?

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elitecodex wrote on September 24, 2014, 9:29 AM

1 - I wouldn't say significant but we are getting some decent numbers. Looks like about half of the traffic is coming from Google and Facebook which is good. The rest is made up of direct requests and other search engines.

2 - We can't compete with some of the other publications out there, like techcrunch, mashable or huffingtonpost so they will most likely come up first. However, based on previous tests I have ran I have seen our page come up legitimately for search results that are not too far down the list at Google. We can do better, but I am happy with where we are now.

3 - Yes, I constantly see other search engines hitting our site. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc. Then we have the ad network search spiders doing their thing, so our site sees spiders all day long.

4 - Every little bit of context can help, no matter where it comes from. I am including alt tags where I can, and thought I had some in the images that were inserted. Maybe not, but yes if you can include that then it is more information the search spiders can use to figure out where to place us.

5 - Post promotion I think would be the best call to action that members can take. It will help both us and yourself. Getting new members is also important (hence the most recent contest) but I think that quality is much better of quantity. I think if everyone could write one post a day, and promote it via social media then we would be well on our way.

We are also adding as much as we can in meta data (using the which Google recommends) that they can understand. I am hoping that helps, along with some OpenGraph (Facebook mainly) tags but that needs some help. I have also mentioned a pivot that we will be taking soon which I hope helps things for everyone.

I have been thinking very long and hard about the exchange rate and I think that sometime in October we will be increasing it. With AdSense being yanked we have been in the hole since we started, and I have been reluctant to increase it for that reason. But look for an announcement sometime this week or next with plans on moving it up. Not to where I want to be, but to an acceptable level that will not make us such a waste of time emoticon :smile:
Geez, I should have just turned this into a post itself LOL :)

Feisty56 wrote on September 24, 2014, 9:50 AM

So, hint, hint -- you'll be publishing this in post form so all members can access it more readily?

Feisty56 wrote on September 24, 2014, 9:51 AM

Thanks for asking the questions. I don't know what an alt-tag is, but am happy to learn and use if it helps -- and every little bit helps.

suffolkjason wrote on September 24, 2014, 9:56 AM


elitecodex wrote on September 24, 2014, 10:03 AM

Yep, once we iron out the details and timing I'll be making a post about it (making it official), and putting it in Twitter and the Facebook groups for everyone to read.

suffolkjason wrote on September 24, 2014, 10:17 AM

1. My own experience is that, after a day or two, my posts get close to zero views (I check back from time to time) - which suggests that 95% plus of my views are coming from fellow members.
2. I agree- just getting on the first page (top 10) is quite an achievement for a new site.
3. Good to hear.
4. We're not asked for titles when we post our images- what are you using for alt tags?
5. Understood.

Your next para about and OpenGraph went over my head. If you have time, please could you explain a bit more.

Good news about the rate!

Thanks for replying so promptly and fully. emoticon :smile:

suffolkjason wrote on September 24, 2014, 10:28 AM

I really am dangerous in this area! Alt tags are tags for images that webmasters include in the code to let search engines know the subject matter of an image- they enable search engines to index images.

elitecodex wrote on September 24, 2014, 12:25 PM

1 - Yeah, I am just looking at raw numbers from Google Analytics so it could be any page, not article pages. Most of them could be the main page.

4 - I thought (and now I need to double check this) that I was using the title and image name in the alt tag... but let me double check that.

They are basically HTML tags that you don't see, that spiders look for and can understand. For example, this post contains the follow meta tags (currently)
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserLikes:2" />
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserViews:8" />
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserComments:7" />
<meta itemprop="dateCreated" content="2014-09-24T09:06:32-04:00" />

Among others. So search engines can find this information and use it however they see fit (if at all).

BarbRad wrote on September 24, 2014, 12:27 PM

If we are going to promote posts, we have to write posts worthy of promotion outside the site. My objective view is that right now we are like a private blogging network. Probably at least 80% of what we post here would not interest anyone not one of our members unless they knew us. I am equally guilty. I see some of those who specialize in content aren't posting anymore. They are probably waiting for when the informative posts bring in more cash.

suffolkjason wrote on September 24, 2014, 1:06 PM

I think about 50% of my posts have about PP or other forms of navel gazing. Then about 20% Football, 15% Politics, 10% Music and 5% Miscellaneous. I know that Hubpages (and they have a huge number of articles to sample) have calculated that 1,200 words (words not characters) is the optimum number, in SEO terms, for an article. They explain every word you add up to 1,200 words improves the click per word rate. After 1,200 words clicks still increase in total but the click per word rate declines. I guess that useful, relevant comments increase the word count and the click rate.

I agree about promoting worthy posts (or posts with interesting images- re Pinterest). I think I'll promote my post - Should Muslims Defect Muslim Extremists?- because it's topical and already has a few interesting comments. I wouldn't promote a post that was only of interest to PP'ers or was just run of the mill as I think that loses you contacts and influence.

Scorpie wrote on September 24, 2014, 1:45 PM

You might want to spend some time cleaning up your style sheets.

AliCanary wrote on September 24, 2014, 5:32 PM

Just as a small added bit of info: I decided to search for my Sleepy Hollow article again using Google. Even though it had only garnered an additional three views since I initially wailed about it, suffolkjason has kindly made it his mission to continue to add content to it by adding comments and thereby keep it updated for the spiders, who desire fresh tidbits. I went to Google and started typing in the question, Where is sleepy hollow filmed, until it filled in the rest on its own, which happened fairly soon--i think I got to 'where is sl' before it picked up the slack--and then clicked on it. Unfortunately, my article was not on the first three pages of search results. However, when I re-googled that same question using quote marks, my article on Persona Paper was the FIRST article in the search results, even though there were other articles with that same title. So that's something, at least.

Feisty56 wrote on September 25, 2014, 10:02 AM

I'd call that progress!

Ruby3881 wrote on September 25, 2014, 7:53 PM

I'm a bit confused here. Should we be inserting our own alt tags for the gallery images? And are you saying there's a default alt tag generated for the main post image, or would it help if we added a new field to the submit form for that?

Ruby3881 wrote on September 25, 2014, 8:01 PM

I was really surprised when I started writing at InfoBarrel, and folks there were talking about posts 1,200+ words. I was used to hearing about keeping things concise - maybe 450-600 words tops.

The thing is that readers aren't interested in reading more than that, and a 1,200-word post could end up being 2 or even 3 posts that would each earn page views. But search engines are responsible for bringing readers to our content. So where's the happy medium?

elitecodex wrote on September 26, 2014, 7:45 AM

I just checked, the alt tags are generated from the image credit. So if you want to put more into that field, it will be put into the alt attribute automatically. I'll make a post about it.