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Welcome To Spoilerville!!! (The Soap Opera Continues...)

Have I EVER got a story to share with you!!!

I've written it here, so DO check it out!!!

Anyway, the good news is that I'm no longer homeless (as in meaning that I NOW have my very own apartment with a lease, etc.)!!! Praise The Lord!!!

ONE thing I no longer have, however, is a KEY to this apartment -- which will be explained in where the above link goes -- but I'll have it before long!!!

As they say about some relationships on Facebook... "It's complicated!"

All I know is this:

I'm about to leave here with my next stop being to take some things to Larry and, then, get back to the nursing home! It has been a fun and interesting (not to mention a little wild at times) two days...

I definitely take after my mom's first cousin, Georgia (and, to some degree, Georgia's sister, Juanita and Juanita's daughter -- my second cousin, Anne) -- more on them one of these days, too!!!

This will have to be all for now!!!

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