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My daughter is in school now :)

Hello,everybody !! Ho are you guys? I hope you are all fine,like me emoticon :smile:

In my area it's raining and it's cold day.I think I have a fever because I don't feel good at all,my head is spinning and I am not in good moods... and I have to go to school to take my little daughter,I hope it would not rain,at least for an hour... Then,I think I am going to make a hot tea and get into bed :( and I hope that I will get better because tomorrow is another day and I have to go with my baby girl to school and participate at a school meeting with all parents and with the new teacher. Well,I have to let you for now and I hope everything will be okay later because I don't like to be cold...I think you either :) Have a wonderful day !!

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 4:25 PM

It has been awhile since this post was written. I hope your daughter had a good school year last year and I hope her school year this year is going well.