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WWE's Night Of Champions (Part 2)

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Featuring my predicted results for WWE's Night of Champions. Let's get it on:

* United States Champion - Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro

I like both Sheamus and Cesaro. Both are tough brawlers that have received a good amount of push the past couple of months. Sadly though, both have been left in the wayside recently and are suffering from some midcard mayhem mix up from WWE Creative. Nothing has happened much for Sheamus since becoming the United States Champion. He hasn't been involved in any note-worthy feuds and no one has stepped up to challenge for the belt. Cesaro, who got pushed as part of The Real Americans and then as a singles competitor as Paul Heyman's new guy and then as The Authority's new muscle, lost much of his luster. The King of Swing should have gotten a better push as Paul Heyman's new guy but let's face it, no other guy can be Paul Heyman's guy except Brock Lesnar.

Both Sheamus and Cesaro are good in-ring performers although both can use some help when it comes to the mic. I predict Cesaro coming with a win here over Sheamus via disqualification as Rusev makes a surprise attack on Sheamus and lays claim to the United States Championship belt. Blasphemy!!! The United States Championship belt around the waist of the Russian Super Athlete... what a storyline!!!

*WWE Tag Team Champions - The Usos (c) vs Goldust and Stardust

This is a battle between the siblings!!! Definitely, one of the matches that I'm looking forward. I've written about the tag team division already (read the full post here, ) and how much of a fan I am with the current things that they are doing there.

The Usos have been great champions but if Goldust and Stardust don't win it the titles in NOC, I'm afraid that this tag team and rivalry will lose steam. The title changing hands should keep this story line going until we get another viable tag team to challenge for the belts. I see Goldust and Stardust laying a beating on The Usos to be the new tag team champions!!!

* Intercontinental Champion - Dolph Ziggler (c) vs The Miz

Next to the tag team championship match, this is another favorite of mine. I think Ziggler retains here and we see this feud continue on until Wrestlemania.

Both The Miz and Ziggler are fun to watch. Both have good mic skills and they can carry a gimmick really well. I'd want The Miz to come out here strong and narrowly beat Ziggler so we see this match up for a couple more months. When both are int he ring, expect fireworks!

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Brock Lesnar (c) vs John Cena

Just the cold hard facts ladies and gentlemen... there is no way in the wrestling god's green Earth will Cena defeat Brock before WrestleMania. Aside from some freak injury or perhaps some contract disputes, Brock Lesnar will not drop the title back to Cena. Brock Lesnar will once again dominate Cena in Night of Champions and her will march on to Wrestlemania as the defending champion against whoever wins the next Royal Rumble match.

Brock hit Cena with 16 German suplexes the last time out... for good measure Brock will hit Cena with 20 this time out for good measure.

... and we finally see Cena snap and turn HEEL !!! (Read about it here, )


That's about it folks! What does everyone think about my WWE NoC predictions? Please share your thoughts!

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