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Fall Crochet Project Ideas for Beginners

Fall is a time when many of us are inspired to pick up the hook again. Cooler weather often means more evenings spent inside working on indoor projects. Are you a beginner who can't wait to get started on fall crochet projects? This is the perfect time to get a start on winter apparel, and even Christmas gifts.

Easy afghan or blanket

An afghan makes a great Christmas gift, and it's a wonderful way to warm up your lap while you work on making it. Best of all, blankets and afghans are very easy to crochet--they just require a bit of your time. Right now, I am working on a simple but very warm afghan in the half double crochet. If you don't feel like you're up to creating your own pattern, there are numerous free ones available online.

Cozy headwear

Just realized you don't have any hats for the upcoming winter? No need to worry if you know how to crochet! Once you learn a few basic techniques, hats are pretty easy to crochet. Headbands are even easier; in fact, I just finished crocheting an adorable headband that fastens around the head with a button. You can find the pattern here .

Scarves and neck warmers

Scarves are incredibly easy to crochet, and they don't take long to work up. In fact, they are perfect gifts to give your family and friends during the holidays. To be honest, I haven't yet attempted a neck warmer, but I can't imagine it would be difficult. Scarves don't have to be simply functional, though--this infinity scarf pattern is both easy to follow and very fashionable for fall and winter, with five different ways to wear it.

Personalized gift baskets

There are numerous items you can crochet to fill a holiday gift basket. For a bath basket, make a few washcloths, a loofah, face cleansing pads and a soap saver. Complete the basket with a bar or soap or some body wash. Or, put together a few dishcloths, a dish scrubber and homemade hot pads with some holiday-scented kitchen soap. These are all very easy items for beginners to crochet.

One-of-a-kind home decor

Did you know you can even decorate your home with homemade crochet fall decor? I have made a couple table runners for my tables; you can make a simple design in any color(s) you like. Or, make some decorative balls, ornaments or a tree skirt in preparation for Christmas.

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paigea wrote on October 10, 2014, 8:35 PM

Those are some nice ideas. That infinity scarf is pretty