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Pollination Needs The Help Of The Honey Bees(part-5);

Pollination Needs The Help Of The Honey Bees(part-5);

Dear friends,as this incorporates the utilization of the insect sprays as well as the chemicals used to treat the seeds before the planting,the arrangement
of the culpable chemicals incorporate the imidacloprid,the aclothianidin and the thiamethoxam.Friends,a few pesticides have been banned by the European Union
trying to spare the honey bees.Friends,the parasite Varroa destructor is the most ruinous enemy of the Honey Bees, since it conveys an assortment of
infections including the disfigured wing infection and the intense honey bee loss of motion infection.Thanks dear friends to read my this article.
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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 31, 2015, 8:52 PM

That is very interesting information about pollination needing the help of the honey bee. I hope you come back to write more!!