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Welcome To Spoilerville!!!

One of these days, I'm going to have to give you more details re: just how I got from here to there in life, but, until I get a laptop that I can use at any time of the day, I might have to put all of that off and just move forward. So, here I go...

Today is Friday, September 12, 2014, and here are my current events:

Condition of my minivan:
Not working! But I'm not doing too badly when it comes to public transportation and am getting to be more and more familiar with it in three different cities: Anderson, Indianapolis, and Muncie. Most-used mode of transportation has been city buses.

How Larry The CanMan is doing:
Just counted his 10,000,000th tab yesterday evening and is already working on his next 11,000,000 (and I'm going to be writing about that before the day is over unless I end up losing my access to the Internet and don't get it back in time to write it before I need to leave the library)!!!

Living conditions:
I'm taken care of for September, as I have a bed in a local nursing home now. However, this won't be the case next month -- unless I want to give up all but $52 of my S.S.I. check (as well as any other sort of income). This won't be happening -- not with my wishes respected, anyway!

Hopefully, I'll be able to go to emergency shelter at the YWCA in Muncie where I can qualify for a room there after a month's probation (I guess to make sure that I'm not an axe murderer or something). Once I'm in a room, I'll have an affordable flat rate of rent for the essentials. Also true of when I'm in the shelter (will at least continue to have a roof over my head).

My plans after that are simply to stay at the Y until an apartment comes up.

In short, my days of being homeless are coming to an end!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Already (for now), I'm not homeless and am in comfortable surroundings with plenty to eat! I'm going to have to go on a diet when I leave the nursing home! LOL

Actually, I'm getting plenty of exercise even now and trying to be at least a tad disciplined when it comes to pigging out.

However, this IS a nursing home where the kitchen staff actually know how to cook. Larry was in another nursing home for awhile after he got sick a few years ago, and he said that the food where he was tasted like crap!

Food or not, he was quick to remind me that, no matter how nice it was, I should keep in mind that being in a nursing home indefinitely wasn't for me. I know that, of course.

Still, I'm glad to be there just so long as I can leave before the rent goes way up on me, as I'd rather be paying essential bills with my money as well as socking some back, paying off some debts, and getting on with my life.

Legal matters:
I believe I'm going to have to hire my own legal team. Actually, that's not anything new I'm telling you, as I've thought that for a long time. However, I recently received a ridiculous document in the mail where it actually had my late mom suing me (along with the crooks). This lady is NOT impressed!!!

Spiritual outlook:
I'm continuing to trust in God to give me the guidance and other things I need. So far, He has come through BIGTIME and BEYOND MY FONDEST DREAMS!!!

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