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VMA 2014

Who remembers when MTV started August 1, 1981? So exciting! The first song was "Video Killed the Radio Star.". How appropriate. The first day the songs were done by the greats: Phil Collins, REO Speedwagon, .38 Special, Stevie Nicks, and Robert Palmer just to name a few. Those were the days my friend, we'd thought they'd never end (who sang that song?).

Well, unfortunately those days did end! How did we get to this point? I know I am absolutely showing my age right now. BUT, have you seen Nicki Minaj recently? She is singing about a dang Anaconda. She is glorifying sleeping with men for profit, taking drugs and simulating sex on stage. The whole point is the guy in the song doesn't want to use his "anaconda" on a girl who doesn't have big buns. Seriously? This is what it has come to? Some trivia for you...during rehearsal one of her backup singers/dancers was actually bitten by a snake. Poetic justice!

There is a another relatively new singer on the scene. Her name is Ziggy Azalea. She has little to no talent. She is up there singing a song called "Pu$$y". First of all she is not singing, she is rapping. Second, when is singing about that called for? Let us face it, half the population has one. Why is she singing about hers?

Of course the answer is right in the title of the song -- $$. Blood money! Our children are listening to this garbage. Who thought I would long for Lady Gaga? Nevermind, she is just as degenerate as the rest. The only difference is she can actually sing.

MTV, can I please have The Pretenders back now?

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paigea wrote on September 6, 2014, 1:44 PM

You make me glad I don't have to be raising children nowadays. I worry about my grandchildren