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Sudo Makes Sandwich

Going right through it. This is a part of the story that I'm currently writing right now. Here it goes...


No one knew how or why it started... some say it was God's wrath... others say it was the Earth's way of healing itself... others say, it was aliens from an advanced civilization righting the wrongs of our world. Whatever it was, it was fast, it was deadly, and it was something that we weren't prepared for.

As if it was a script right out of a movie, the undead rained downed from the sky one late afternoon and soon wrecked havoc on the world. It was the last typhoon for the year 2028 ... our local weather bureau named it Typhoon Zoraya. People in social media dubbed it Typhoon Z. It showed itself in weather maps a good week, hovering over the Pacific. It stayed there not moving not flinching as if waiting for the perfect time to strike and unleash its fury. Scientists noted the very unusual behavior of the typhoon. Half-way across the world and in other parts of the globe similar weather disturbances were recorded and were being closely monitored. As if on cue, the weather disturbances started moving toward land and with it, it brought the undead.

Manila, Philippines - February 2032

Almost four years has passed since that fateful afternoon...

'Sandwiches away!!!' , shouted Kadyo. 'Sandwiches', what an innocent name for the homemade bombs that the resistance was dropping on the hordes of the undead below.

Emblazoned across the old C-130 bird was 'Sudo'. These bombing runs were affectionately called 'Serving Sudo Sandwiches'. Inside the cockpit, a handwritten note had 'Sudo make sandwich' written down. The pilot, Nella, looks at the paper and then at the panels and instruments in front of him. Readings from the panels make Nella compute in his head. They have enough fuel to make two or three more runs. Problem though is that their demolitions team of Danny H and Pirate Jack didn't make enough bombs. He cursed at the two in his mind. I'm working with a bunch of slackers!!! He thought to himself.

He motions at his co-pilot, Miss D to take over the controls.


Uhmmm, yeah. Got inspired by all those zombie related stuff that has been going on. Not sure when I'll write the other parts but hopefully, within the year.

Looking forward to your thoughts about this one my fellow PPers.


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MegL wrote on September 3, 2014, 4:22 AM

Like that. Would be interested in reading the rest.

allen0187 wrote on September 3, 2014, 8:20 AM

Thanks. I write it in pieces. Not exactly in succession though.