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The Power of Prayer. Speak and He will listen

Every people, whatever religion and groups we are into, know how to confess sins and bring our case to God. That is through prayer, the best two-way communication between us and our Creator.

Some people always consider we pray because we need of something, we tell God our secrets, thoughts, needs and dreams. As we continue to patiently wait to allow this things to happen, we continue to hope that God will speak to us in different ways, although not the things we expected to be but God's perfect timing to answer our prayer is never been late.

However, most of us tend to ask the question, why God hears and attending the needs of the others and some others are not? They keep on wondering why He never give the things we ask, is there anything wrong?

In my own experiences, God has his own criteria why some other people's prayer and desires are being denied. I found out that right attitude towards God is important. He knows our needs before we ask for it. But He always search and seen the motives and intentions of our heart. The correct approach towards God presence is necessary, the key to unlock the door between our world and His.

He required that people who look for him would be filled with love, (right motives) that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience and a genuine faith.

Why God often times heard the cries of the poor? Because they have broken spirit, helpless and they are willing to yield, always humbling themselves before God, the same spirit God wants us to be, so that his power can easily manifests into our life. That's how the prayer works effectively. I hope this article will aid and guide us how to connect God perfectly.

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