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Good to be back

Its good to be back home . You never know what you miss till you live without it . That includes peace and quiet .

I don't regret one minute of my life this past month but I do regret not going and doing more for fun this past summer , but that's all my fault I chose to work instead of playing .

I would love a nice vacation away from everyone in a remote place where no one knows who I am . I would be willing to not use a phone or computer and just go see beautiful things .

My favorite place to travel is the west , I would love to drive the west coast from Canada to the end of California . I have been told that I should before I get to old , that was an elder talking to me.
Its funny or sad how I travel to these wonderful places to work but I don`t get to play .
By Andria Perry

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madhavan_as wrote on August 26, 2014, 11:49 AM

Nice to have yourself back. Happy hours and great time in pp.