By in Random

Glass globe

We are afraid of our own materiality, body, mind and soul that manifest bring both joy and pain ... We are afraid to live , feel and hide in empty glass globes ... We are afraid of life .

We chose to manifest in the human vehicle because of what he brings , but just beware of the experiences that he can provide us ... It's like we want very much to get to sea to explore the depths rich and arrived there I froze on the boat , unable to jump in the waters that we have wanted to visit. In this way ... most of us live our lives in the human vehicle ... petrified deck ... unable to open the eyes of the body , mind and soul .

Some of us find meaning in life give over various recipes that lead to the release of human manifestation shell ... Poor us !!! We do not know that in fact we do not do nothing but walls thickened and darkened glass globe in which we choose to be dead in human life.

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LoudMan wrote on August 26, 2014, 6:35 AM

What do you mean, "we?" :)