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Life Endless Journey--Time, Season and Everything -Final Chapter

Most of the people consider that our depends upon the philosophical and religious beliefs of our existence, social ties, conciousness, happiness and many other issues related to it.

But one of our main goals is to live a life.

To live a plentiful life means maintaining a healthy lifestyle--acquiring a good health, a sound mind and a healthy spirit. But how can we achieve these elements in the world full of ? A world full of disorder and spiritual controversy, a battleground of conflicts, nation against nations, kingdom against kingdoms, Christians versus Non-Christians and worst people against their own people.

Living this kind of life is different from the promise of God that we read in the Bible. God's purpose is to give us rich and satisfying life, which means a life that is richly supplied with what we need, a life that is available because our God is the greatest provider.

Life does not always invoke wealth, comfort, happiness--nobody in this world is free from any persecutions, sufferings and failures, but we need to surpass every inch of our life's journey.

God's promises are real and we just need to believe in his word, this will become our entry point to become successful and in our entire endeavour.

The foundation and purpose of God has made for us to live whole, healthy and hopeful lives. He gave us all the resources we need to live an abundant life--The , , and ...the world we were created by God to enjoy.

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elitecodex wrote on May 25, 2014, 12:23 AM

Awesome posts - keep it up :)

ella-romao wrote on May 26, 2014, 2:31 AM

Thank you for reading my post elitecodex. emoticon :smile: