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Mother Day

Mother is a person who is full of love and affection for her child. There is a tale, once a mother and her girl cross a narrow bridge, mother said the girl to hold her hand very tightly so that she can balance her feet. In that time girl reply to her mother to hold her hand tightly. Mother cannot understand girls’ speech and said that why you argue with me, then the girl answered that if she holds mothers hand then she might be leaves her hand when mother slept and if mother hold girls’ hand then mother cannot leave her hand. Because a mother loves her child more than her life. Brothers and sisters today is mother day and we try to make happy our mother in any kind of joy but think one time that our mother try to make happy us every year,every time ,every moment. Thank You Mom and I just only want to say you this, that you are my evening star also there is a bright moon beside you but your light touch my heart forever.

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Tuffy06 wrote on August 26, 2014, 9:21 PM

My mom's birthday is either Mother's Day or few days after her birthday is Mother's Day. Two years ago we celebrated her 70th Birthday and Mother's Day in McDonald's Children Party. She loved it. Her friends came and participated with the games. :)