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How to make your child listen you

So many parents feel problem when it comes to deal with their small kids. Some of them yelling, screaming and punishing them without understanding that it will only make child more rigid towards you.

Parents are continuously looking for the ways to get their children to mind what they want from them. But some of them still yell, scream and shout on their children to get them mind.

But the problem remains as it is. So you have to give some time to think about your own behavior towards you child. With my own experience dealing with my child I developed a formula to deal with your small kids is "Focus the best and forget the rest".

If you talk politely with your child and praise their good qualities they will feel happy and listen you patiently. On their small achievements appreciate them and occasionally give them rewards. It will change their behavior dramatically towards you.

This kind of behavior change mindset of your child. Now your child will respond you too politely and easily get you whatever you want to do them.

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MegL wrote on August 22, 2014, 8:58 AM

Yes, children generally appreciate someone who listens to them